About Us


We love sharing this journey with all of you.

We are a couple, who are passionate about all things locally made, inspired by our three year old daughter and powered by our faith and trust in God.


After having our daughter, now three-years-old, some unforeseen events happened, which led me to become a stay-at-home-mom. To this day I feel blessed for being able to share so many beautiful moments with her but in my heart I could feel something wasn't being fulfilled. I began making Wisconsin themed hand-stitched pillows and refurbishing furniture in my "free time". As friends and family began requesting and encouraging me to sell my creations, I decided to open an Etsy shop. After attending a few events throughout the area, my husband and I agreed there was a big need for a shop to host as an outlet for all the amazing artisans we met along the way.

Since the dream of having a "local" shop continued to inspire us, we decided to just see how much a storefront would be in the downtown Wausau area. When we took that leap, which at the time felt like a huge one, we found that all the right people started coming into our lives. We are a family who live a life of faith. So after many months of prayer and heavy discussions, "The Local" was created.

As we sit here, in our shop, there is no way to describe our feelings. Grateful, excited, proud...there are not enough words. We are surrounded by talent each and every day and will never take that for granted! We take pride in each of our makers and we hope you see that when you come to our shop. 

If there is anything you take away from our story we hope it is to continue to chase your wild + crazy dreams! You never know what will happen by taking that first leap, big or small. Pray hard, set big goals and stay true to yourself and to your dreams.